Create variable next certain date

Hi all,  I need a variable that is the next 31st March.  I am running a report that generates a figure as if it's the next 31st March, so if I run it today (31st July 2018) the report will run based on the date 31st March 2019.  The way I am thinking is the create a variable that has some form of calculation which figures out when the next 31st march is? Something like this, not sure what the correct functions to use are if today <= 31/3/[CurrentYear] then set variable to 31/3/[CurrentYear] if r] today > 31/3/[CurrentYear] then set variable to 31/3/[CurrentYear]+1year Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks,  Garion
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Yes of course there are solutions for your issue, just a question, do you want to always create a Date variable for current year +1 or your issue only concerns the 31st of march?





first create a variable: variable = [%CurrentDateTime%]
then a year variable for this year: year = formatDateTime($variable,'YYYY')
check if today is "a" 31st --> if  formatDateTime($variable,'dd-MM') = '31-03'
if the exclusiv split is true create a variabe for the 31 of the next year
nextDate =  parseDateTime('31-03-'+( parseInteger($year) + 1),'dd-MM-yyyy')
and then do your action

for the condition if, use exclusiv splits or java