Associate object to (list of) user role(s) and retrieve in MF if object has association to $CurrentUser/Role

I'm building a FAQ module where you can associate a FAQ section to one or more system roles. As I cannot set visibility in the modeler itself, I have to do this on microflow retrieve level. However I cannot achieve to retrieve only the sections that have at least one association to a system user role that the current user also owns.  So who can help me out to do this?
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Hi Sander,

I might not understand your question complety but cant you use a xpath on the microflow retrieve of the FAQ section something simular to this:

[UserManagement.FAQ_UserRole/System.UserRole/System.UserRoles = '[%CurrentUser%]']

This retrieves the FAQ section which have a user role that the current user also has.

[MyFirstModule.Section_UserRole/System.UserRole/System.UserRoles = $currentUser]



To @Rom and @Maarten, thanks for your identical suggestions. I completely forgot the step from UserRole to UserRoles. After that, you can indeed relate it to $currentUser. Thanks big time!