Object lost when going back in flow

Hi all,   We are having an issue with objects that get lost when we go back in the flow of our app.   Here is the scenario: 1) A new person object is created and linked to the dossier 2) We go through the next 2 pages until we get to the final overview page of the dossier 3) The Person object is still present on the overview page as well as the link with the dossier 4) We go back to the page where the Person object is shown using the back buttons 5) The Person object is no longer there and thus the text fields are empty on the page.   We first used a dataview over association to get the person object. Now we tried to use  microflow as datasource to get the Person object and this seems to work, but only if we but a break point in this microflow and thus debug the flow. If we remove the breakpoint the object and its association still get lost.   So we wonder why the microflow seems to work when debugging, but does not seem to work if we run through it without debugging.
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What you describe is a bug and you have even proven it with the debugger. Great. Report it at support.mendix.com handing them a demo-project for it and you will likely get a fix for it.