How do I delete in runtime existing non-retrievable associated objects?

For some, for me, unknown reason I'm having trouble retrieving associated items (to delete them), whilst they do show up in the browser as associated items. I want to show a list of sections containing multiple items. When you search, only the section that containing items that match the query are shown. Due to that, I thought the most effective way is to create non-persistent duplicates of all the items (or those that match the search query). Search aside, basically I retrieve a list of sections, clean up the old associated non-persistent copies of items, retrieve the original persistent items and create a clone for each and associate it with the section. Odd thing is.. When I refresh the page, all those non-persistent remain and new copies are created for each refresh. If I check the microflow, there are no associated non-persistent items. So basically, they do show up associated in the browser, but not associated in the microflow? I simply want to delete those non-persistent objects from the runtime, so they don't show up duplicated, but since I cannot retrieve them in the same create microflow, I cannot delete them. What basic Mendix 101 am I missing?
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