How to refresh a nested dataview in a list view, without refreshing the object in the list view?

I've got a list view with products. In each row there's a nested dataview which contains a validation result.  When selecting a product, a listen-to shows all the details. In that dataview a button triggers a validation microflow. I want the result of that validation to show on the listview, hence I refresh the nested object. However, this has no effect. If I refresh the product object, it does work. However this also refreshes the listen-to dataview and therefor removes all the validation feedback I have. This is unwanted. How can I refresh that nested dataview without refreshing the product itself? Or does anyone have another solution to show that piece of information without refreshing the listen-to?
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Hi Sytze,

I've tried exactly the same thing (refresh a 'notification' dataview inside a conversations list view once you've read your unread messages). However, couldn't find a solution, so changed my domain model to make it work...