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I have a case where a data grid's default action is to open a link on click and the address is an attribute.  There's a business reason on why the default action on the grid is open a link vs show a page.  After the user performs their work on the new tab that opened the user clicks a "Submit" button that calls a microflow. I need to close the browser window at the end of the microflow so they are back to looking at the home page.  If I just have the end of the microflow "Show a Page", the user will quickly have many tabs of the application opened.   Any thoughts or ideas on how to accomplish this?
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Hi Zack,

You can use the javascript microflow button to trigger a microflow and to trigger javascript. 


Here is the link to the javascript microflow button

And here is a link to a stack overflow post about closing a browser window in javascript.


Hope this helps!