Setting up error handling inside a loop

Hi all, I am trying to loop through a list of invoices and send an email. In this loop there is a error handler. For sending an email i used the "SMTP Email Module". This module supplied an activity called "SendEmailMessage" and contains an error handler of type "Custom without Rollback". When used in a loop i get the following error: "Error handling type must be 'Rollback' inside a looped activity" If i set the error handling type to "Rollback", i get the error: "Flow is not accepted by origin or destination" I also tried to subtract certain (or all) activities to a submicroflow, but then i get the message that events cannot be extracted. My question is: Is there a way i can set an error handler to type "Custom without Rollback" or "Rollback" inside a loop? Or are there any other possibilities to loop through a list and send emails?  Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks in advance! Savvy  
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You can move the part where you want to do the error handling in a submicroflow. See also :