Is Show Page activity bugged?

Or I simply misunderstand how it's supposed to work :) This is my problem. I have a set of entities in the list view, some of them have special characteristics. When an entity in the list is selected, I trigger a microflow which should, if the special characteristic is present, open a pop up page where the user can select one of presented values, which are then set in the object passed to the page so that they can be used afterwards. The attached picture shows an example of the microflow. My problem is, the popup page shows up only after the initial page closes and not when the calling microflow is triggered. When debugging the microflow, the Show Page activity is executed, but the page doesn't show up and the microflow continues immediately. Naturally, that causes an incorrect value to be returned. It looks as if the page is executed asynchronously and gets put in a queue. The microflow is set as blocking and page has the modal popup layout.
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If I understand what you want to accomplish, I think you need 2 microflows: 1 to open the  popup page and a second to save the object on the popup page.  If all you are doing is saving values entered on the popup page, you could use a standard Save button there.  If not, you'll need a microflow.

Mendix doesn't 'pause' during a microflow to wait for a response from a page.  As you have seen, the user sees all of the UI activities in a microflow when the microflow completes.

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Hi Mike,

thanks for the reply. Yes, that's exactly what I ended up doing. I had to add some additional logic into the app because of this, but for the moment it seems to be under control.

I just wasn't sure if this "works as designed" or not, so thanks for the clarification.