Excel Exporter cannot find input to export

Hi all,   I'm trying to get the Excel Exporter running (too many entries to make use of the standard export to excel button), and am encountering some issues with the final steps. What I want to do is export the following table to Excel. It should also be possible to make a selection by using the search fields, and then exporting those particular rows. I already configured the Mx Excel Exporter. The "Export to Excel" button leads to the following Microflow: In the Mendix documentation is specified that you have to use the "Doc" entity (CustomerOverviewExcel) as input parameter, but that object isn't avalaible to me here, as it does not exist yet. Thus I create the object and link it to the MxTemplate. The problem is that I now cannot specify Customer as being the Input Object in the GenerateExcelDoc. I can't add Customer as a parameter (only takes 1 customer), and I also cannot NOT add it as a parameter and leave the Input Object empty, as suggested on https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/89991. This results in my microflow not downloading anything, as it found no customers to export. Does anyone know how to set up the configuration/microflow for this specific situation?   Thanks in advance,   Ruben
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Hello Ruben, 

You should use an object linked to your customer objects (1 to Many/Many to Many) as an input.

For example you could have your customers linked to a company, and you would use that company object to export all linked customers.

Hope this helps.


I may be way off, but have you tried refreshing MxReflection ?