How to concatenate two string attributes

Hello  - I'm trying to do a simple concatenation of FirstName + '  ' + LastName, so that the user can select a list of full names on a form. We are only storing FirstName and LastName in the Person entity. I tried creating a microflow triggered by an event handler on the Person entity - to populate a new FullName attribute, but I'm getting an error.   Any ideas? 
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Hey Mark - 

What sort of error are you receiving? 

The approach you described above is certainly one way to go, and probably preferable. Keep in mind, depending on when/how a "Person" is being created, you would want to account for null values in your FirstName + ' ' + LastName calculation. But would definitely need to see what your error is to diagnose potential issues.

Alternatively, you could also create a microflow that can be used as a sub-flow any time the First or Last name is modified and then committed to your db. Lastly, another approach could be a calculated attribute on the Person entity that simply looks at the value of the FirstName and LastName and returns the concatenated value. Again, want to consider the possibility of a null value for both attributes. 

Just some other options worth mentioning.