Client info messages in browser console when microflow has Close Page action followed by Show Page action

Recently we upgraded a Mendix 7.13.1 project to Mendix 7.18.1. After the upgrade we see messages in the browser console, and also in de console in the Mendix Modeler, when the application executes a microflow that has a Close Page action that is followed by a Show Page action like this one: Ignoring error for page MyFirstModule/ Loading of a page has been superseded by request for MyFirstModule/ I understand the message itself, but I don't understand why it is needed to show it in the browser's console for normal users. For development purposes I can understand that it is interesting information, but in a live situation I would like to suppress these messages. My question is, if it is possible to suppress these messages in a live situation.
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I have seen this ass well, i don't think you can influence this in the browser console.

Maybe file a support ticket with Mendix.