Trying to change Enumaration through dropdown, however the value before does not change.

I'm working with Enumerations and a boolean display of the Enumerations and trying to change a picture of one Enumeration to another one. This works, however it does not set the old value too false. Example:  I have Enumerations:  small spoons, big spoons and large spoons  and  I'm able to make a picture and save it within the Enumerations. With the Enumarations I'm working with a display for them and they are shown based on attribute values true or false, which is displayed in the overview. So I'm making a picture for a small spoons save it with data and later on I want to change that picture to big spoons. I'm able to change the picture to big spoons and it shows on the overview the big spoon display as in a microflow I setted to change to value to true. However, it takes the additional data also to big spoons and the display for small spoons is still on true and if I click on it it shows an error. Within a microflow on the save button as I'm I will select my change to another Enumeration I want to make sure that the old value I had before can be set on false so the display is turned off and also only take the picture to another display. Can someone give me some insight or ideas? Thank you in advance    
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Hi Viet,


The problem is probably that you change your enumeration in your client and then you try to check the ‘old’ enumeration value by checking the enumeration value of the current object. This goes wrong as you already changed it before.

If you want to check on your ‘old’ enumeration value retrieve the exact same object from the database. You changed the enum value in your client, but the object has the old enum value in the database. So retrieve the object from the database by using id = $Objectname/id in your retrieve and run the check on the old enum value on the retrieved object.

Hope this will help.





Hi Viet,

In your microflow where you change the enumeration value, change the boolean value as well. Also make sure the refresh in client setting is checked so your UI updates after the change.


Hope this helps!