Domain Model Question

Hello -  I have two entities for Employee and Department, which are associated through a Role entity. Role links Employee to Department via a Role - e.g. Systems Analyst. So John Smith is a Systems Analyst for the Manufacturing Department. Each Role is associated with 1 Employee and 1 Department. Now I want to assign a performance "evaluation" to that role, associated with John Smith and Manufacturing via the Systems Analyst Role. Each role can have many Evaluations, but each Evaluation is only associated with one Role (with one unique Employee/Dept combo). On the Evaluation Form, I want to show the Role AND the associated Employee/Dept info, but for some reason, the the Employee Name and Department Name are greyed out. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? When I create an Evaluation from Role, and then list all Evaluations, the associated Employee and Department are not listed. Do I need another entity? Or are my relationships wrong?   Thanks, Mark
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Sounds to me as though your entity access does not allow writing on those attributes/assocations. Have you checked that?