Retrieving data from a non-persistable entity using a range/offset

  Hi all, Background: I have a non-persistable entity that can contain in excess of 10,000 + records. This is too much data for the list view I have on the Page. Ideally I want to setup pagination and I thought about using a data source microflow to fetch the data using an offset passed as a parameter. In the microflow I want to retrieve blocks of data from the non-persistable entity (using the offset and return-record-size). This would be easy enough using a Db retrieve range options if they were available. Question: Does anyone know of a way to retrieve data from a non-persistable entity using a range? Is there a module/widget that can split a list into smaller lists for instance using a range?   Thanks in advance.   Regards Adrian 
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Hi Adrian,

The only way to retrieve non-persistent entities would to use retrieve by association which doesn't let you set an offset or limit. Also, the only way to split the data into smaller lists would to iterate it and create a new list to add records too.

If your goal is to just add pagination to your list view, have you seen the list view controls widget? One of the features is pagination.