Access rights errors when calling navigation flow

Hi all,   I've got a problem with the following flow. I use it on my homepage button, so that I can redirect users to different pages based on their user roles. I can't just make a button for each role, as that will leave me with multiple buttons in case of a user who has more than one user role. The problem is that Mendix wants every user role to have read access to every attribute used on all three pages, regardless of whether that user will actually be redirected to that page. So for instance, I get errors saying Admins do not have read access to the attributes used on LegalFee_OverviewManager, even though Admins should already be filtered out by the time the flow reaches that part. Does anyone know a solution to this issue? Thanks in advance,   Ruben   UPDATE:
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Hello Ruben, 

Did you try getting the microflow to apply entity access and then restrict the pages accordingly? 

You can apply entity access from a microflow's properties, under the security group-box.

Edit: Since this doesn't seem to work - Role based homepages would be the best answer, and then for the nav you would use a single MF as a homepage link built with the pre-defined show homepage action (See below),


Hope this helps


Rolebased homepages it is;