Micro flow advise

Hope someone can help.... I need to create a micro flow, or something, so that when a user selects our company logo they are taken to the company intranet page. I can go this by not using a microflow but each time a new tab is opened, which we dont want to happen. So I guess my quesitons are: 1. would a microflow support this request? 2. if so how do i create this? which parts of the tool box do I use?   Thanks in advance...microflows are not my strongest bit..
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Hello Nicky,

You won't be able to redirect to a URL through a Microflow I'm afraid, you can use a link button instead (I think this will open a new tab).

If that doesn't suit your needs I suggest building a button that takes you to the desired page in HTML using the HTML snippet widget. 

Hope this helps


The ClickableContainer or URL Redirector widgets can do what you need.

For the ClickableContainer:

  • drop a container on your page/layout
  • drop your image widget and a ClickableContainer widget inside of it
  • configure the widget to open your link in the same tab

For the URL Redirector:

  • create a new page with just the URL Redirector widget on it
  • configure the redirector to go to your company's intranet page
  • make your image open that page on click