making Case insensitive Enumerations and conditional expressions

For my shop items I am using enumeration values. In order short list a specific Item in exclusive split I always need to use same value which i used in enumeration. e.g Enumeration value Apple_Fresh in condition must be used as Apple_Fresh , can't use as apple_fresh.  second, i am using excel imported file data where item apple could be mentioned as apple_fresh or apple fresh which is different than Enumeration value Apple_Fresh, in this case then condition does not give any data or maybe not working. How I can get rid off case sensitive issues both for enumeration check and for if else or conditional expressions?
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See the documentation here:

Use the function toLowerCase to compare the enumaration getCaption with the string from the Excel import.

So something like:

toLowerCase(getCaption($NewEntity/TestEnum)) = toLowerCase($ExcelimportValue)