Clock change causing issues

Hi all,  In out healthcare app, you can log an activity for an individual which includes a start and end date time. Once the end time has passed the user should not be able to edit the record, they can only comment on it. Which up until recently has been working fine.  It seems to be that since the UK but their clocks back an hour (we are now (UTC) rather than (UTC+1)) this feature seems to be causing problem.  For my example the time is currently 12:30, I have logged a record that starts at 10:00 and finishes at 13:00. The record is that the individual has visited the hospital. I now want to amend this record to add information regarding the visit. However the app is not letting me, even though it's still half an hour until the record is locked at 13:00. We then tried to change the time to 14:00 to see if that helped but because the record is locked the app throws an error.  This was setup by someone before but I believe the locking of the record is done through the user permissions as in this screenshot below.  I've had a look to see if there is anything in the app that copes with the clocks changing and there is this Microflow:   I'm a bit confused about how this was set up, can anyone help?
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Hello Garion,

The XPath looks like it's using an EndTimeLocalized variable - is that actually localised? The microflow seems to be trying to localise the date which I don't see why you would do.

When time gets picked by the user and gets displayed back to the user you should just use localised time and it should handle the conversions itself (see ).

Hope this helps.