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Hello -  I'm trying to create user defined labels for a new entity called AdditionalFields, which will provide users the ability to use 5 text fields to store data of their choice. I want to create a button for the users to create/edit custom labels (captions) for those fields. So the user would click on "Captions" and define them. Then, on the AdditionalFields form, those user defined labels/captions would display. There has to be an easy way to do this. Can't you just create an entity and not relate it to anything - which would store one row of data for labels/captions - which could then be used by AdditionalFields? Thanks, Mark
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Hi Mark,

You can do excatly what you described. Your entity would have an attribute for the label/caption and another attribute for the text field. Then you would just associate this entity to whatever entties these note apply too. 


Edit: You could a structure similar to this then. The top entity will  contain the caption and then child entity will have all the additional remarks. To display this on a page, Pass the single AdditionalField object to a page in a dataview, then use a listview to display Remarks over an association. Then you can just add a new button for the listview. 



add another microflow


Hope this helps!