Intersecting results of two filtered dataview list

I want to create an example app where data view is created two enumeration objects fruit and country  .column 1 consist of fruit name like apple, orange, mango etc. column 3 to 5 have differetent related attributes. Column 6 consist of the place of import like country name america, japan, india, pakistan etc.  In list filter operation when i select one fruit for example apple in drop down I get the complete filtered dataview with respect to apple. same like when i select any country i get filetered data with respet to that specific country. But when I select both values like apple and america the reulst only appears with respect to country america. i.e all fruits related to america. I want when i select a fruit as apple and country as america atsame time, I should get filetered data view for fruit apple from country amrica. not the fruit apply from all countries or all fruits from america. is there any way I can filter both from data view and intersect the the filtered result of both values. I tried to use list interset operation but failed.
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The easiest was to achieve this might be in using a template grid. The search functionality of a template grid behaves like on a datagrid. The search funtionality in a Listview works different.

If this does not help, you could look at the AppStore. There are some extension widgets for the Listview, but I don't know If they are doing what you need.