Microflow to load load an image

Hi. We have an import to Mendix to load products from an excel file. Works fine, in no-time a few thousand products are loaded. Great! The next step is to add images of the product. On the regular product screen there is a image-loader button where you can load a image to the product. Works fine when you enter manual a new product with the correcponding picture. But I want to add all the images in a microflow to their products. So I iterate over all products without an image and create the appropriate object just like on the regular screen and fill the attributes of it.  (Kind of batch processing.) The object is of type 'SYSTEM.OBJECT'  and is created and associated to the product, but no image in shown on the product-screen. All the images are located in a single folder on the laptop and have a name that corresponds with the product-number.  Like "P12345.jpg".  How can we add images using a microflow?   
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Hi Michel,

Take a look at this post: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/225  that might help a bit.

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