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Hi all,  I have some reports in my app which at the moment are all links to different datagrids. I would like to have it so the users click report and they get a page with a dropdown list of the reports, which they select. They will then select the datarange, and this will be options like; Last financial year, current financial year, (they can also choose the quarters within those years). They would also have the option for a custom data range.  They then click a button and microflow takes this data sends them to the page based on what report they selected, and the bit I can't work out, sets the data range up for one of the attributes automatically based on what the user selected.  Any input would be much appreciated (or if I going about this the wrong way please let me know)
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I think you're really close. The flow should be like this:

  • User picks a report ->
  • Microflow creates a non-persistent object then shows a page with report inputs ->
  • User fills in inputs and clicks GO button ->
  • Microflow uses the inputs to set the date range attributes of your context object, then opens a page ->
  • Page's context entity is your non-persistent object, and there's a data grid sourced by microflow ->
  • Microflow uses the context entity's date range to get the right objects for the list