Add a new record to database with microflow.

Hello, I am trying to add a new record to the database. I have 9 fields in the entity. Most of the time only 4 fields need to be changed. I would like to populate the other 5 fields with the values from the last record in the database. I created a microflow to do this. I attached it to the new button on an overview page with a Data grid. It didn't work. Just to see if the microflow does work, I then attached it to the On change event in a field on a NewEdit page. It did work (meaning the microflow was triggered and changed the other field I wanted changed) after entering a value in the field. But this is on a existing record not a new record. How can I access a new record and manipulate the data on the  (New record) page so fields are pre-populated at the opening of the page?
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You already sterted with the correct aproach. Create a custom microflow for the new action. Retrieve the object, your default values ar stored on. Create a new object. Copy the values from the default object to the new one. Pass the new object to the edit page. That should do it.