Error by importing exported Microflow in 7.20.1

We getting an errors by importing single Microflows from 7.20.1 apps to 7.20.1 apps. By the import of modules between the same apps, we're getting no errors. Does anyone else has this problem?
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I also had this problem. The only workaround I found, was importing the whole module, copy the microflow to you rmodule and delete the imported module again. A lot of overhead.


I ran into the same problem using 7.20.1

Workaround (when im-/exporting a MF from module 'App'):

  • Extract the package.xml file from MPK file.
  • Change the line in package.xml:
        <document />
    to a version with the correct module name in it, e.g.:
        <document moduleName="App" />
  • Replace the package.xml file in MPK file


Importing this modified .MPK file should work again.