Retrieve drop down selected Enumeration Value

I want to retrieve the Enumeration value of Drop down which is selected by Current User in a new edit page.  How I can do it? logic is as follow if selected Enumeration Value=Logged in user then do task 1 else task 2
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Hi Ma zong,

I might have misunderstood your question, but here is what you could do;

I created an entity for the testing purpose

And a microflow that just creates an instance of above entity. This is then passed to a page to have a starting point.

Here you see that I used the instance I just created in the microflow before to show a dropdown to the user. There also is a button which I named 'Select' If this button is clicked, the following microflow is called:


Long story short: You can use an exclusive split to handle the values in enumeration attributes.

The dropdown selection is passed to the microflow.

Hope this helps