Selecting Data by a dropdown menu -> refreshing the page

Hello Community, I'm working on a little dashboard app right now. For this I have an entity with different attributes like power, speed and torque. I would like to use a dropdown menu to select the respective attribute and make the data available for the same page. So far I have proceeded like this: and have added an entity for the enumeration, as well as created an onChange event that retrieves the data via retrieve. In the DataView for the enumeration a further DataView was added and there it gets the data by microflow (the same as the onChange). The default values are displayed. If I change the Drop-Down the microflow is called, but the data is not replaced/updated.  The page doesn't update automatically, if I update it in Microflow, I hang it in a loop of updating, because the microflow is also called by the site (DataView) as it builds up. I would be grateful for any suggestion or support.
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Hello Christian,

I would suggest using a reference selector to select your respective view. Then you can display that view by association in your dataview rather than microflow.

This should be faster and more reliable and you might not even need the refresh on change. 

Hope this helps


Hello, Dragos,

That helped a lot. Thank you very much. It was easier than I thought :D
But now I'm a bit stumbling with my domain model.

So far:
Raw data (time, power, speed, ...)
Average(Name, last hour, last 24h, last 3 days ...)

If I want to see the image from above, how can I best reach the selection of data and the underlying selection of the period of the average?