Populate the data for reference selector or drop down

Hi,   One page contains two reference selector in two data view, first reference selector data is populated by using Microflow,  I want to use the selected entry in first reference selector and pass it to the second reference selector microflow input. But i could not find the option to do this. Can anyone please suggest me the example for this scenario. My requirement is One page with Two drop down list, based on first drop down selction second drop down need to be populated. Both the drop down need to be filled by using Microflow call.
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You cannot pass the object form the first reference selector to the 2nd microflow.
You should start the first microflow by

  1. retrieve the referenced object of selector 1 over association
  2. Check if object is found in an exclusive split: $NameRetrievedObjectVariable != empty
  3. true => retrieve liste for selection & pass
  4. false => endpoint returns empty


As Andreas mentioned; refresh the context object after selection in the first reference selector


depending on the constraints of the second list; use the constrained by function


After a selection is made in the first dropdown, the association is set. You could retrieve this selected object in the second microflow by doing a retrieve by association. Maybe you need to refresh the object when the first selection is made.