How to commit object into database and reuse it by another user before completion of microflow

I have a scenario where one user (lets say USER ONE) needs to trigger a microflow using a button, it will create an object on initiation and i will use sleep activity for certain time and user one's screen will be in blocked state and he will be waiting for mf response. Mean while i will notify the another user (lets say USER TWO) after creation of new record and he should able to access newly created object and could able to change the record.  after the sleeper time finish microflow will continue based on the second user's input.   Challenge: Here I couldn't able to retrieve the record from DB table before the completion of microflow. so second is not able to change the record. Please give me any suggestion.   Thanks.  
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In Mendix, each microflow is treated as a single database transaction.  So if the microflow initiated by User One has not completed, any objects created in that microflow won't be available to other users.  I believe that is the problem you are encountering.

To work around this, you could have the microflow initiated by User One complete.  At the end of that microflow open a small notification page with a Microflow Timer widget on it.  The Microflow Timer widget could call a microflow that pauses for the period of time you want to pause (or checks for an updated of an object created in the first microflow before proceeding).  Then you could close the page with this microflow and proceed.

Alternatively, the Pusher widget from the appstore ( may be useful for what you are trying to accomplish.

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