How to call Microflow on Page Initialization

Hello Folks, I am looking for a features like , how can i call some rules as microflow the moment my home page load in browser? Thanks, Arvind
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Hi Arvind,

You can set your home page to be a microflow. If you go to the project module > navigation you can see a setting called “default home page”. When you press select you can select a microflow or choose to create one. 


Another option would be to use the role based home pages. You can assign certain home pages for a specific user role. 

Hope this helps!


There is an appstore widget called MicroflowTimer. It should have this feature.

You could also add a dataview to your page and use microflow as datasource. In this microflow you can do whatever you want. But you need to return an object (but it can be a dummy object). It’s a little bit dirty, but it would work.