Displaying Unique Profile data

Hello All, We are currently trying to set up some profile functionality for our networking application.  We would like to display unique data for a users profile but cannot figure out how to retain data for a unique user that has logged in.  For example: User James has logged in and gone to the profile page and added some information, we want this profile page to show the information James has added when he logs back in. When a different user logs in and goes to the profile page they will not see the information James has added but their own unique data.  
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Make sure to associate the profile entity, containing the data James will enter, with the user entity. Then when James opens the profile data create a microflow that checks if the profile data for james already exists, if not this microflow will create the new profile record associated (1-1) to the user James (this user is available as the $currentUser in the microflow) and then opens the profile that was retrieved or created.

This will allow for the function you described above.