Record ID (Autonumber) increments by 1 even when New Data Form NOT saved

Guys Any ideas why when i open up page ( Client_NewEdit with microflow) to add a new form entry BUT decide not to proceed, ( ie no new record added ) the record ID says 7. I dont proceed and close the browser window. yet when i come back again to same page add another record later on it has jumped by 1 up to starting point of record ID 8 even though i should have only 6 record entries in total in the DB. I even tried leaving the form through pressing the cancel button.  No difference Wierd…. is this to do with the Commit / dont commit? Any recommendations for fixing appreciated,  thoughts appreciated. Daryl
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You can create an Entity to store the AutoNumber ID, creating the Object of that Entity and committing only when saving.

That way when you enter the page and exit anyway, it won't add a number to the ID.


An AutoNumber will always create a new next number for a new object, no matter what you do with the created object. It’s just a simple way of creating unique numbers.

If you really need to have sequential numbers without gaps you need to maintain them sourself.

regards, Fabian