Grid shows 2 rows when committing instead of 1

Hello all, I have one problem which i cannot find the solution to it. I have one entity called “Alert” with “AlertStatus,AlertContent and the Alert_Customer as Customer.and entity called “Customer”, I linked the Customer to Alert and the association is 1-*. I use one microflow for the following logic. It retrieves the customer by Alert and i create an object of type Alert. In the Alert object I also commit without events, normally it should display 1 row in the data grid instead of 2… If i change the page and i come back it shows 1. Anyone know why is this happening?    Many thanks in advance!
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From the comments the answer was:

“Accidentally i was passing an object to the microflow, and at the same time I was created a new object of type Alert and committing that Object. That`s why it was showing 2 records in the grid.”

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