Error in Call web service activity

I am new to Mendix and feel like this should be an easy one but it has me stumped. I went in to the Domain Model and chose Import Web Service and went through the wizard and had it create a Microflow for me. I also created an Export Mapping using the xml schema for the request body from the documentation of the owner of the web service. I also used that xml schema to import into the domain model because the initial wizard only created entities for the response, not for the request.  (I’ve done this with other web services and the same thing happens, which seems weird to me.  I would think it would also create the entities for the request.) In the Microflow I create an object and use the entity that I created in step 3 and fill in various values. In the Call web service activity I went to the SOAP Request Body tab, chose Export mapping for the entire request and then picked my mapping and also selected my variable from the previous step of the Microsflow as the Parameter. The wsdl is at   The project will not compile.  I get an error “Export mapping ‘DataEntry.Export_mapping’ should map the request body of the web service.”  I thought that’s exactly what I was doing in step 5 when I mapped the Request Body.  The error is confusing.  It is error 378.   Any ideas?   [Edit] Screen shot of mapping (not complete, it’s rather large)   Screen shot of the SOAP Request Body tab in the Call web service activity.     [/Edit]
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The wsdl you provide is a WebService describing 5 different operations (GetArchiveReport, GetRawReport, GetReport, Map, Transform)

The wizard created a microflow using by default the 1st operation (GerArchiveReport), but based on your screenshots for the export mapping, you want to call the operation Transform.


This is why you got the error about the export mapping (for Transform) which doesn’t map the request body of the service (set on GetArchiveReport).


To fix it, open the properties of the WebServiceCall action in your microflow, and change the operation you want to call.