Custom Session Object or Variables

Hello Mendix Experts, Is there any way by which I can keep a custom object or variable in session and use it across the application. Basically, I am showing an overview page which has multiple tabs. You can land on this page via multiple microflows (whose last action is to show this single overview page).  Now I am trying to show the tab according to the microflow which is showing this page. So I was planning to keep some variable in session in the microflow and use that on this overview page to deciide on which tab will be active. If you happen to know any way please share.   Thanks Pavan
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  • Create an entity that is associated to System.User entity. 
  • In the new entity, create an attribute to indicate which tab should be active. 
  • Then, on your page, enclose the Tab Container in a dataview containing your new entity (retrieved via microflow from the $currentUser over the association). 
  • Now you can use the TabSwitcher widget on this page to set the active tab

Hope this helps,