Email Modules? Error Notifications?

I am still new to Mendix and I’d like to know what people are doing to be able to send generic emails when an issue happens.  As far as I can tell, there is nothing built-in to Mendix. For example, an API I am using returns the number of API calls we have remaining on our account.  When it gets below a certain threshold I’d like to email myself the information.  I am planning on creating a Microflow that has for parameters: Subject, Body, To, From, etc. so that from any microflow I can easily send any kind of email out.  I would also use it when certain errors happen that I want to be notified of. What do you all do to handle this?  Is there a better approach?
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Hi Ryan,

You can use the email module with tempalates module. When testing projects I use a gmail address to send emails.

Here is a link to the module


 a link to some instructions to get you started implementing the module


and a link to some information about gmail smtp settings


sometimes when you use a gmail address you are blocked by security. If you log into that email address through a browser you will get an email from security and can grant access to your application. I think there is also another security setting to prevent this too.


Hope this helps!