How to create drop-down/reference selector in List View where data source is microflow?

Hello, I have a microflow that is doing a “Call REST” GET action. I have looked in the logs and I’m receiving a response, but I’m having issues populating some kind of a drop-down with that data.  In the response, I have one attribute “Name” that is being stored in a non-persistable entity. When I create a ListView where the data source is that microflow, then I am able to get multiple text boxes each filled with one unique name. I have tried nesting a drop-down and a reference set inside this ListView so that all the names are contained in one widget, but I can’t get it to work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Dont know if i get your use case correct but if you want a drop-down with the non-persistable entity it might be better to create another entity that has a reference to your REST filled Non-persistant entity(a parent entity). In that case you can create a dataview or list view with this parent entity and show a drop-down reference selector connecting to your ‘Name’ attribute of the non-persistant entity.