Mendix App memory control

Hi, I’m building a Mendix App function to create some data (around 2 million records) and noticed an interesting thing: The app ran successfully and all the records are created, but the memory usage started to climb slowly during processing and stay  there even if the process is completed. I thought before that the Mendix MicroFlow can automatically do the garbage collection (release memory) after the completion of the call. Seems like the memory got held somewhere... Just would like to know: What are the normal ways to control the Mendix App memory usage? I heard using Transactions may help as Mendix will release some memory after the end of a Transaction? Is there any way that we can force releasing some memory at the end of a Microflow? Or any other ways to check or release some held memory?   Many thanks for the help, Richard
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I don’t think that mendix itself does any garbage collection. Mendix is running on the JRE. The JRE is doing the java collection, but only if needed. If you are running out of memory, the garbage collector starts working. If you are always close to the memory maximum, the garbage collector runs more often.


(In addittion here you can find some usefull info about this: