How to Make CommentsSection as required

Good Morning Folks, I have ‘Pass/Fail’ check boxes in a page, and also a ‘Comments’ section at the bottom of that page. My requirement is -→ If anyone of the above check box is failed, then the ‘Comments’ box is required to enter the text for failure reason. How do I make my comments text is required when anyone of the checkbox is set to fail. Can anyone please share your ideas/thoughts on this. Appreciated your response! Thanks, Venu  
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I would suggest running your validation in a microflow when the user presses continue/submit/next, then you could:

  1. iterate over the objects in question
  2. Place an exclusive split with $myobject/fail and $myobject/comments =’’ 
  3. Show feedback if the condition is met and prevent the user from progressing if any failures happen

Hope this helps 


Hi Venu,

  I am replying to your new question in your comment above. I believe what you need is an ‘on change’ microflow on the failures comment box. When a user changes the value here, the platform will run the on-change microflow and in that flow you can do a check on if the failures comment = ‘’.  If it is empty, then change your status to ‘incomplete’ That way the status will be set as soon as the comment text is changed.

Here is the documentation on how to set an on-change event for a text area: