Performance of downloading of a FileDocument batch

Hello! I'm trying to check the performance of loading packages of a different size from the Amazon S3 bucket. But I always get the timer value around zero and a single file downloaded. I guess this is due to the asynchronization  of the microflow and the Download file action. Does anyone know how to deal with this?  
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Two ideas:

  • Measure from the client side (browserv dev tools network tab): you should be able to see when the initial microflow request ends, and then when the file download starts and ends
  • Turn up logging on the StorageS3 log node to Debug or Trace (assuming you’re using the Mendix cloud or S3, otherwise use the appropriate node)

Hello Yuriy,

I don’t think there is a way to get past the single download limitation. 

I’ve personally tried to stay away from multiple downloads, and when I really had to handle multiple files I’ve zipped them together and downloaded as a zip. If you’re happy with this approach see the Create ZIP module 

Hope this helps