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Hi There, I have three entities Project, Tool and Component. In all the three entities there is a common field (Proj_No and CER_No).  So in this case, if I add Proj_No and CER_No in Project entity then the same is getting added into other two entities (Which is working fine using microflow) but if I change the CER_No in Project entity then the same number should be updated into Tool and component entity (which I need help). Any help here is much appreciated.   Thanks, Gopi
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There is a nice blogpost about inheritance in Mendix which could save you some of the effort around this https://www.mendix.com/blog/working-with-inheritance-saving-you-time-and-sanity/

Maybe you can make use of it :)


Why do these 3 entities have a shared attribute? I would expect these attributes to be in Project only. It seems like your entities are related, so your data model should look something like this:


If you want to display them from with a Tool or Component object, you would do that via an association between the entities:

Then, you can use these associations to show data about related entities. So, in a list of Tool, it’s easy to show the associated Project’s data.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Inheritance split is not available in web modeler? any idea how to get it in web modeler?