Relaion not commited even after change (+commit/refresh in client) object

Hi everyone, I got a problem when I try to create a relationship between an object and another one. Here is my model :    I am trying to iterate over a list of policy in order to create a link between each of them and the entity “PolicyGroupedByContact”. I have 2 policies in total. After the microflow execution, the first policy is well updated, I can see its link with the “PolicyGroupedByContact” object.  However the second one is not, even if while debugging I see that each time the link is well done.   Could you help me with this issue ? Do I miss something in the model ?  Thank you in advance, Dan   PS : I’ll post my microflows pictures in a few minutes.
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Your microflow picture is still missing. But I’m wondering if you have committed all the Policy objects. And not just the PolicyGroupedByContact object or just the first Policy object.