Disabled microflow button in a list view

Hello, I am trying to call a microflow from a button in a list view which is included into 3 dataviews (Listview in a Dataview in a Dataview in a Dataview), and so I pass all four objects into my microflow. The button is disabled, even if I call an empty microflow, that just contains the parameters. I tested to create the same button at the 4 different levels, and it only works from the second dataview position (meaning that I pass 2 objects in the microflow in this button).   All the 4 objects are editable (entities are all readables and writables), so I don’t understand why this button stays disabled. Where/How can I find the cause for that ? If I try just to show a page sending the list view source object, it works perfectly, but I need to send multiple objects so that’s why I try to go through a microflow. Thank you for the help, Dan
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Hi Dan,

Are you sure the SpecificContract object exists? For testing sake, can you put an attribute in the dataview, to see if it displays a value