Reference Selector loses its value

Hello, I created an app with a reference selector. The data source of the reference selector is a microflow. If you click the refresh button on the page another microflow is called which gets data from a webservice, depending on the selected value of the reference selector. Then something weird happens: The reference selector loses its value, which was selected before. I am totally sure, that I do not change the value of the reference selector in the microflow of the the refresh button. Why does the selection get lost? Also I am not able to set the selected value of the reference selector in a microflow if I try it. Thanks for you help in advance.
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When i initially started with mendix i always ended up with this :P always cursed the Datasource MF. What you have to do is, when the DS MF gets called, as the first activity get the current already set object, an the end of the MF the new list you are going to spit out doesnt have this object(that is when you drop the association): add this object to the list before you reach the end event which has a list as a return value. Hope this was helpful :) good luck