How to compare a value from an associated table with the name of the CurrentUser

I have a little project. Within this project I have a major table (ERAP) and a smaller associated table “Accounts” (no, not yet connected to the real user accounts). Now I want to filter a grid for the major table by status (this works) and by the name of the associated account. A dataset should only be shown in case the name of the associated account is the same as the name of the currentUser. How could I do this in an xPath or a microflow? And please be a little precise as I am really new at Mendix. ;-) Thanks
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In a microflow you can create a string variable to store $CurrentUser/name
Now you can do a retrieve your Account by database and write in your xpath something like:
[status = <your status>]
[ERAP/mymodule.ERAP_Account/mymodule.Account/name = $Name]

Does that help?