Excel Exporter: What needs to be set for the GenerateExcelDoc action?

I am very new to Mendix and I am attempting to use the Excel exporter. Looking at the documentation here suggests to me that you only need 2 inputs (the PolicyDoc and the template). I’ve setup a microflow that has the following: Retrieve PolicyDoc from the database Retrieve MxTemplate from the database (and choose first one; there is only one configured) GenerateExcelDoc setting $MxTemplate as the template object, $PolicyDoc as the input object, and I’m not sure what to put as the Output Document I’ve also tried creating a new CustomExcel object to us as the output document, this does not work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help. Edit: Adding a picture of the microflow Edit2: Adding new pictures of the microflow, domain model, and template config. Edit3: One more note – I’ve attempted to change the input of the template to ChangeRequests.ChangeRequest, which makes more sense, but this has not solved the issue.      
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The GenerateExcelDoc Java action requires 3 inputs:

  • The template object – this is the Excel Export template you’ve created via the Mendix UI
  • An output document – this is a FileDocument or specialization of a file document that has been created or retrieved in your microflow
  • An input object – this is that database object that contains the data which will be used to create your Excel document.  This needs to be the same type of object as the Input Object you specified when you created your template

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