Creating a variable and assign them a value

I have a scenario where I want to get the value in date field. I have following queries regarding this ; Where to create a variable ? How to get the value from date field (or any other input field) and assign it to my created variable ? How to pass this variable to some microflow so that I can read it in microflow .  
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-The concept of defining variables in Mendix is on the activity microflow.
1- open microflow
2- add activity box
3- select the type of action to create variable.

- and getting the date field value also by using new activity on microflow.


Not totally sure in which context you are wanting to use a datetime field, but I suppose you want to use it on a page.

If so then:

  • Variabels (such as datetime) are created in a microflow using the ‘Create variable’ action. 
  • However if you want to us it on a page, you have to use a (non)-persistent entity,  where you have a datetime attribute.
    For example, you can use a dataview in combination with a datasource microflow in which you can retrieve existing data before showing the page.
  • On the page itself you link the datetime attribute to an input field.
    Using an action button you can pass the entity to an ‘on-click’ microflow for further processing.

Please have a look at the awesome learning paths Mendix provides for these kind of questions