How to make my app offline?

Hi,   I created an app, with a Home screen and a page accessible from the Home. There is a Template Grid on the page which uses a microflow as data source. The microflow sends a REST GET request to a server and retrieves a lot of data describing employees. The employees are then displayed on the grid. I generated the .apk and the app works fine on both desktop and mobile. However I’d like to make my app able to work offline too. I know that I must create a Hybrid phone app offline navigation profile and change the data source of the grid to the database. How can I send my REST call to the server to retrieve the data and store it in the DB if microflows can’t be used in an offline enabled app?
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In your case I would set up a scheduled event on the server to do the REST call and retrieve the employee data every X time. Let the offline user use the default sync options or the pulldowntorefresh widget to get the ‘latest’ results.