Line chart with non persistable entities

I have created a JSON structure and an import mapping for that which creates a non persistable entity, I am geting all the values in a variable and I am logging them on console which works fine. Now I want to create a chart in which I want to show the values that are being received in that JSON. Is it possible to have non persistable entities for line/time series chart configuration with import mapping.
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Hi Yatin,

  You can indeed make a line chart with your data. The most feature-rich way to do this is to use the line charts from the Mendix Charts widget package (here). Download the Charts app store module, put the line chart on your page, and then write the microflow to turn the data in your import mapping into the necessary data points to render that chart.

 The built-in Mendix ‘Reporting’ widgets won’t work on your Non-persistent entities (without writing Java), so I believe using an app store chart module is the way to go

 Here is the reference documentation for the Charts widget to get you started: