Entity disappears after commit

We are working on a page that adds an entry to a larger planning list. We open this page via Microflow where I create the required entity, couple it with the planning list entity and open the new/edit page in full screen layout. Now here's where it gets weird. If I commit the object before opening the page, the data view on that page ends up being empty. If I don't commit it shows up normally. But if I then commit the object on exit and return to the larger planning list, the object disappears there. Now it gets even weirder. If I open the new/edit page in popup layout, everything works as intended! The object has no event handlers. As far as I can tell, it's just a create object with commit and refresh leading into an open page where the page has a standard data view. Anyone got a clue what happened?
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Debug, set the loglevels to trace for the Connectionbus, Connectionbus_Query, Connectionbus_Retrieve and Connectionbus_Update. You should see queries storing the data. See if that provides any more insight.