Converting REST API response to entity list

I am calling a rest API which provides me a response something like this : [{"id":1,"name":"A","salary":200000.0},{"id":2,"name":"B","salary":200000.0},{"id":3,"name":"C","salary":200000.0},{"id":4,"name":"D","salary":200000.0},{"id":5,"name":"E","salary":200000.0},{"id":6,"name":"F","salary":200000.0},{"id":7,"name":"G","salary":200000.0},{"id":7,"name":"H","salary":200000.0}] i.e. Json array of json object where each json object represents an entity ‘Employee’ . How can I parse this response in microflow into the ‘list of  Employee’ or how can I iterate through the response so that I can create multiple objects of Employee from response and add them into list ?
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You could create an import mapping based on the JSON stucture and use that in your microflow to get your list of objects